PACplus is the place where parents connect with vendors and resources to improve the school to home connection.

Changing the way PACs and schools connect.

Launching in 2020, we’re building PACplus to help make it easier for PACs (Parent Advisor Councils), vendors, and school staff to connect and build ongoing, successful relationships for parent education. We know that parents and schools want to communicate better, and use the resources they have to create the most impact. This process has been full of complexity and hard-to-find resources.


PACplus is here to make it easy,  empowering people to create positive outcomes.


Market quickly and easily to CPS schools specific to your expertise and program.  They need you, help them find you!

Parents & PACs

Parent-volunteers can see their priorities for the year,  find vendors and reviews, and keep up to date with their budgets and calendars throughout the year.


School Staff

PacPlus creates an easy link between parents (PACs)  and administrators to communicate school goals and calendars, and connect them to parent engagement programming.

More equity. Healthier communities.

When the interaction between schools and parents creates more knowledge and equity, whole communities benefit. We’re making it easier for these connections to be made, easier for parents to stay involved, and easier to effectively deploy school resources, so that people have the power to make a lasting impact for their community.