About Us

PACplus is a parent-led organization dedicated to better outcomes for Title I parent engagement programs

Why PACplus?

Every year, millions of federal dollars flow to schools for federally mandated parent-engagement programs conducted by external vendors and service providers.  Currently, parent-volunteers/PACs have no tool to easily find the right vendor, nor to help manage budgets and priorities connected to school goals.  This results in frustration and procrastination. 

PACplus is designed to assist parents and schools, building equity and helping to create successful outcomes. 

We want to help parents find the right experts and programs for their school’s priorities

We want to help vendors connect with schools and grow their business.

We want to help administrators get the information they need to make great choices / manage their PACs and  budgets efficiently.


PACplus believes that communication is the key to positive outcomes for schools and in the community.

Josh Chicoine, CEO / Co-Founder

Josh Chicoine is a proud parent of two CPS students.  He is a cultural entrepreneur who believes we can and should do well by doing good.  As a graduate of the Goldman Sach’s 10k Small Businesses program, Josh learned how to craft solutions that start with values, and create order out of chaos, provide value, and continually innovate.

Amy Besida, COO / Co-Founder

Amy  is a proud parent of a CPS student and taught English and Language Arts  at several CPS schools  for over  ten years.  She is dedicated to equity in Public Education and sees it as a pathway for all children to grow intellectually and  become  contributing members of society.