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PACplus believes that communication is the key to positive outcomes in the community, and in the country.

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Why PACplus?

We want to help parents find the right experts and programs for their school’s priorities.  Connecting priorities and administrators to parents and then to vendors is what we do. Through those connections, schools can efficiently and effectively fulfill priorities specific to Title I budgeting for parent programs.  

We want to help vendors connect with schools and grow their business. By giving vendors access to each school’s specific priorities, vendors can make direct connections to the right school, while schools can easily see which vendors are right for their priorities.

We want to help administrators get the information they need to make great choices / manage their budgets efficiently.  PACplus is an information and communication hub for Title I monies allocated to parent programs. Calendars, budget balances, and overall activity is managed within their specific school’s page, so they can easily track progress all year long.

Josh Chicoine, CEO / Co-Founder

Josh Chicoine co-founded the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, a non-profit cultural arts organization in 2008.  Over nine years, he built an annual, city-wide festival, operating in 33 venues over 6 days, showcasing international artists for thousands of attendees and was named one of NewCity Magazine’s Who’s Who in Chicago Arts.   As a graduate of the Goldman Sach’s 10k Small Businesses program, Josh learned how to craft solutions that start with values, and create order out of chaos, provide value, and continually innovate.

Amy Besida, COO / Co-Founder