For School Staff

PACplus provides up to date information for administrators to see parent programming calendars, budget levels, and priorities for their PACs.

Simplifying communication for parents and administration…plus a PAC vendor database.

Each year, volunteer Parent Advisory Councils (PACs)  struggle to find the best vendors and programming for Title I  parent engagement programming.  Right now, the approved CPS vendor list is a single, massive, non-delineated and daunting database.  Administrators don’t have the time  to find vendors.

A subscription to PACplus smooths the path for parents and PACs to know their priorities, review vendors and programming, set up a calendar, and keep track of budgets.  Currently, all these pieces are available, but they are scattered and disconnected.  Once PACplus is in place, administrators can see what their PACs are doing throughout the year, and make sure that each of the vendor programs are aligned with school goals and priorities.

Connecting Virtually

Log into your school’s PACplus dashboard and see priorities, budgets, and calendars to keep track of your parent engagement mandates for Title I dollars all year long.  Share information and stay up to date.

Empowering Parents

Principals empower parents to use PACplus to manage their Title I funds aligned with school goals and priorities.  PACplus gives parents the tools they need to find the right vendors for successful outcomes.  

PAC and CIWP Alignment

Continuous Improvement Work Plans, CIWPs, help focus activity and align resources school-wide.  Including CIWPs on the dashboard on PACplus keeps that focus front and center for all PAC activities all year.