How it Works

PACplus provides a informational dashboard to stay organized and fulfill Title I parent engagement mandates.

How it Works

With PACplus, parent-volunteers, external vendors, and school administrators have a distinct portal to organize and find specific information and activity. Everyone has the exact portal they need in one place. is a straight forward, menu-driven, online solution, guiding users and (communication) each step of the way.

Using a particular school’s Continuous Work Improvement Program (CWIP) as the guideline, users can find specific vendors or program areas to make sure they are meeting their goals in a relevant, smart, and efficient way.



Find specific vendors or search by topic.  Jump to the vendors page for reviews, bios, and contact information.


Parents and administrators can find contact information for  vendors. Vendors have the ability to update their listing and find the right schools to contact.


Log into PACplus and jump to your school’s dashboard to measure progress and budget spend, vendor reviews, and facilitate connections.