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PACplus connects vendors to parents and schools for meaningful connections to fulfill Title I goals.

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How does PACplus work for you?

Showcase your business and your expertise directly to the people you’re looking for. PACplus is the pathway to your target audience. Through our simple, categorized lists, vendors can quickly and easily find the right schools that match their priorities to your program offering and expertise.

PACplus removes vendors’ endless search for customers and streamlines the connections in a simple solution in one platform. Within PACplus is review SPACE for PACs putting the power of positive outcomes in your corner. Parents and educators share their experiences for invaluable word-of-mouth recommendations.

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When schools and PACs need a program for parent education and training, they will use PACplus to search through qualified vendors. PACplus is the only centralized database for vendors with advanced search criteria to make sure you are connected directly with people looking for your specific program. 

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Simply sign up and create a profile with your specific expertise/programming, search tags, and other information, and that’s it!   

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